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download.jpgThere is a process that is necessary in order for desires to go from just a simple thought to actual reality.  To simply think about something is not just enough, you want to really visualize it and meditate on it.  The more real it seems in your mind the more likely you will have it in reality.  The key to manifesting the thought is behind the feelings and beliefs.  Our core beliefs, morals, and values are a ruler for how we measure the world around us.  Will this desire be hard to manifest or easy?  Will it take a long time to get here or come fairly quickly?  Our beliefs can affect our desires in both positive and negative ways but there is a way to adjust how we see the world and break bad thought patterns.  The key to breaking those negative beliefs is in our feelings.

I have been practicing the idea of finding gratitude and joy in every moment of life.  When I feel myself getting stressed or having negative feelings about a person or situation I work to find the positive.  In this effort I have found life getting easier and naturally more enjoyable.  Some days are easier than others but we all must remember, we attract people, places, things and situations into our lives.  So ask yourself what you are attracting and if it feels good then you are doing something right and you need to try to keep that vibe going.  If it feels bad and everything seems to be going wrong then you need to re-evaluate your attitude and change your vibe.  I do my best to live in an attitude of gratitude.

Each morning I say thank you for things in my life and I don’t just list them off like a grocery list, I do my best to feel it in my heart and soul.  I also take time each morning to meditate and visualize my day because it makes me more productive and the day seems to just go better.  These simple habits are life changing for me and I have steadily added to my morning and evening routines to create even more positivity and productivity in my life.  I like to call it habit stacking…each positive habit can be attached to another until you have built an entire life around positive habits and ways of thinking.

So as you tackle your day on this cold, crisp Fall morning remember to keep the vibe high with an attitude of gratitude and do your best to find the positive in all things.

With love, health and happiness,



Negativity is a dirty word.  It is also sneaky and can jump into your world without warning.  It can come in many forms as well, people, places, situations, experiences, thoughts and words.  I like to think that most of the time I avoid it pretty easily.  I have managed to create a life that surrounds me with positive people, places, and things that I love.  So yesterday when I went for a drink after work with a girlfriend I never would have imagined how negativity would find its way in to my world by the end of the night.

A guy friend of hers joined us and what started out as nice conversation and a few drinks took a turn very quickly leaving me shocked at the words being said.  When a random person who you don’t even know makes an ugly comment and resorts to name calling it can leave even the most positive person feeling dirty.  I drove home and felt like I needed a shower and a good nights sleep to forget about the negativity that crossed my path.  My friend warned me that his behavior was not unusual and I know that his words really had nothing to do with me but it still left me feeling tainted.  What is worse is I didn’t sleep well, I felt such a bad vibe surround me and it has followed me into the next work day.  I woke tired and feeling ill and realize, maybe I have surrounded myself with such good vibes that when a truly negative person infiltrates my zone it affects me on a much bigger level than it used to.

When I have a weak moment and allow a person to get under my skin it is frustrating to me because I work so hard at trying to maintain a happy, healthy life in every aspect.  We should not let the behavior of others destroy our inner peace.  So today I am working through the negativity that seems to have hit me harder than it should have.  I am going to nurture myself with beautiful music, making a list of things I am grateful for, eating very healthy and drinking plenty of water and tonight I will meditate and pray before I go to bed in hopes that tomorrow my positive vibe will be restored.

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With love and positive vibes sent your way…