A New Life

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I am a big believer in the law of attraction. What you speak, think, and focus on most is what you will see manifest in your life. I have used tapping, vision boards, keeping a journal, visualization, meditation, focus wheels, and many other mindfulness methods to keep myself focused and positive. Self-awareness and being in the present moment has been the key to my success when it comes to attracting many of the positive things I have accomplished in my life. Practicing self-awareness has also helped me be very aware of the moments when I am slipping, being less focused on my goals, and focusing more on the things I don’t want.

When I caught myself slipping into the negative mindset I instantly went into action and started asking myself questions, like why? I have recently started the second and final year of grad school for the mental health counseling program while starting practicum, being the office manager of a busy mental health counseling practice that is still navigating telehealth only appointments, while taking care of all my personal relationships and responsibilities. Not to mention, I met a new guy through eHarmony, which was a unique experience that I was highly skeptical of but it has turned out to be a blessing. All of this stress is good stress but none the less, still stress. I felt overwhelmed, irritable, and just wanted time to myself.

I realized I was not taking the time to fully appreciate and be grateful for where I am in this moment and how far I have come. Everything has been falling into place at such a fast pace that I couldn’t keep up! Suddenly I felt like a poor little hamster on a high-speed wheel and I couldn’t stop to just smell the roses. I have paperwork at the office that never stops, clients that need me, homework and projects for class, parents who have doctors appointments, a teenage daughter who has one foot out of the house living at her boyfriends but still has most of her stuff at my house, friends who want to grab lunch, dinner, or at least a coffee, a new boyfriend that is in the military and can only visit one week a month so we make time to FaceTime and call each other as often as possible, pets that need a walk or to be cuddled, a home that needs cleaning, litter box that needs scooped, garden tomatoes that need picked, groceries to buy, clothes to wash, a car that needs an oil change, a body that needs to be exercised…. need I go on?!? I am spreading myself too thin at times and trying to keep all the balls in the air is impossible at times.

This is when you just have to try to appreciate the chaos and stop a moment to take it all in. You don’t have to have it all together all the time. Sometimes things will not be done perfectly but at least you are trying. Give yourself grace and remember there was a time when you were not as far along in life as you are now. You are at a point in life that maybe one time you only dreamed of. I know I have come a long way and I can finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel as everything really starts to fall into place. I remind myself to enjoy the process of it all coming together. Enjoy the learning process of school and working in my current job, embrace the process of fixing up my home, loving my pets, going for walks, and watching my daughter navigate her transition into becoming an adult. Absorb myself into the dating and getting to know my new boyfriend and how we laugh and love each other. Some days I may focus more on work or school, other days on self-care and family. You cannot be everywhere and do everything all in one day. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the things you have prayed for and be grateful by being fully present in whatever you choose to put your focus on for the day.

With love, health, and happiness,


Tip the Scale

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When it comes to the power of positive thinking and attracting more positive things into your life you really should not have to work too hard at it. If you are self-aware then you can easily tip the scale of good versus bad in your favor. All it takes is 51% more positive thoughts in each day to start the turn-around process. Stop doubting, worrying, and looking for reasons why something will not work and start looking for the reasons it will! I have witnessed this process happen in my own life many times and I am finally starting to get better at keeping the scale tipped in my favor.

Everyone has good and bad days and the truth is you want to have those bad moments and bad days so that you can fully appreciate the good. Lessons and growth happen from those negative moments in life. However, the real art of allowing and acceptance is understanding those moments are temporary and not a place you plan to stay. In order to truly learn and grow from the negative there has to be movement beyond it and towards more positive alignment. The effort to move beyond is the processing of what did I learn and how can I do better? You add those nuggets of wisdom into your big bubble of knowledge, hopes, dreams and desires and keep moving forward.

Self-awareness and tipping the scale also comes in form of signs. I don’t believe in coincidence or random occurrences. I believe we are constantly attracting people, places, things, situations and experiences into our lives. Pay attention to little nudges that are the feeling of your gut or intuition guiding you on a certain path…you may be drawn to a certain book, or person, or place…listen to that inner guidance system and be open to the possibilities. I have been practicing this more and more in my life and the recent results have been almost surreal.

Finding true happiness is first within yourself. You must be happy with yourself and being alone in your own thoughts and feelings, but once you have accomplished the happiness within yourself then the alignment has already begun for everything else. You will then start to attract the desires outside of yourself as you keep in alignment with yourself. Its true in every aspect of life….when you have tended well to your job or career, your home, your relationships in life then you see growth radiate out further into bigger parts of your life. Start small and just work on yourself first and you will see big things begin to happen. All it takes is tipping that scale in the favor of positive thoughts and ideas more often throughout the day than any negative. Then watch the magic take over!

With love, health, and happiness,


Can You Have It All?


It is possible to have it all but usually it doesn’t happen all at once.  There is a method to how it all falls into place and most of the time you won’t see the plan until after it has been executed.  Looking back on my life I can easily see how certain situations and people were meant to come to me at a certain time in my life.  If they had come sooner or later, I would not have learned the lessons and grown from the experience in the same way.  We all have our own path and we all have our own unique desires and goals.

When I think about the idea of having it all I realize my idea of a joyful and fulfilling life may not be the same as the next person.  My ultimate dream is to finish my degree and eventually be my own boss so that I can have the freedom to work and travel on my own terms.  I have also always dreamed of having a loving partner with a passion to do the same.  Work hard and still have wonderful experiences in travel and share the dream as a team, supporting each other in our goals and passions.  I want to pursue my writing and even possibly do some public speaking on topics that promote ideas and strategies for people to live happier, productive and more fulfilling lives.  These dreams are going to take some time to develop for many reasons, I realize I have to learn and grow in some areas first and I also realize I have to heal and trust after past experiences.

It always comes back to a question I often repeat to myself, based on my past experiences, my current circumstances and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing for me to do?  The wise thing is to recognize when a good thing presents itself but don’t lose focus of the bigger picture.  Remember the lessons from the past and the boundaries you created to protect yourself moving forward.  Keeping all of that in mind you can also let go of the need to control every little detail and enjoy the process.  It is possible to do well in your education and career while developing a new relationship, getting in the best shape of your life and remodeling your house.  It is also possible to create real and serious plans for the future if you suddenly find yourself walking on a more solid path with like minded people.

I admit that I look at my path now compared to this time last year and my path is much more clear and defined.  So much can change in one year!  I see greater potential for the things I have always wanted.  I am happier because I have gained clarity.  I know I am capable of accomplishing everything I want and having it all.  Things are falling into place at just the right pace.  I don’t have to force it, just simply enjoy the process.  You don’t want to have it all, all at once.  You want to feel and see it all develop.  It will fall into place like a puzzle, each piece developing in its own time but all meant to add to the bigger picture.  School is moving right along and I am learning more and more with my job every day.  I have steadily been investing in little home projects and working on improving my diet and increasing my exercise.  Reading books and putting into practice skills for improving my productivity, efficiency, and the joy in all areas of my life.

With all of this focus on self-improvement I have allowed myself to set the relationship aspect of my life on the back burner.  However, it was still a very important part to my bigger picture plan and would be a big part of finally having it all.  As I have started to feel more confident in those areas of my life I have naturally attracted the potential partner and relationship, the timing is really quite amazing.  When you let law of attraction and God take control and stop trying to figure out the when, where, how, who or why of what you want amazing things start to happen.   Don’t force it, just let it come naturally and the world becomes magic.  Don’t question it and don’t worry about it anymore.  Trust and believe that it is already in process and that you can and will have it all, just not all at once.  Because we are meant to enjoy the process and be in the moment, we appreciate it more when we can look back and see how it all fell into place. In that reflection we can often find meaning in those little steps along the way.  The beauty of life is in all those little details, don’t become so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the road trip on the way to having it all!

With love, health, and happiness,




Sooo I had a plan.  I am not saying I am giving up the plan but I may need to re-evaluate the plan.  See, I thought I needed to work on myself and some of that probably stemmed from the break-up last Summer.  Okay, maybe most of it did.  When we get rejected by someone we care about it makes us feel like something is wrong with us, or at least it did me.  So it is common after a breakup to really work hard at becoming better versions of ourselves.  I have been doing my yoga and meditation each day, journaling and prayers, and trying to drink more water and make healthier food choices and all of it has paid off.   I am a positive person I think most would say and I do believe that if you put your desires out into the universe with full belief and faith in the process and with good intentions, then good things will come your way.  

I had a plan to go a year without dating but I had also painted a picture of what I want in a relationship in the future.  At my age and after dating a few different guys you become pretty clear about what you definitely do want and what you don’t want in a relationship and significant other.  I had planned to stay open to making new friends but I wanted to focus on my career and school.  I have been working on healing my heart for six months and trying to come to terms with the fact that I was single again.  I have always heard it happens when you least expect it.  I accepted the phone number but made it clear I am not looking for a relationship.  I accepted the invitation to meet up for dinner and the conversation is easy and the night ends in a kiss that left me thinking…okay that would probably qualify as a date.

When the flowers come to my office on Monday I know I am in trouble.  I like this guy and he obviously likes me.  Is it really unexpected?  Yes and no.  I think the law of attraction worked exactly the way Abraham Hicks said it would.  Put your desires out into the universe and let God have it in his control to set in motion and make happen.  So this week I have struggled with this unexpected chain of events and I have had to ask myself…what is really happening here?  Basically, I set my intention to find a partner and then I let it go and got focused on my school and career.  I didn’t go out looking for him, he found me.  I didn’t force it or try to control the situation, it happened without me trying at all.  It happened just like it was supposed to, just like I wanted, naturally.  Am I saying I know without a doubt this guy is the one for me?  No, not just yet but I do think there is some serious potential behind those green eyes and that easy smile.  I guess it is true, some of the best things in life are the ones you never expect…. I guess only time will tell.

With love, health, happiness and the unexpected,


Timing is Everything


I have heard this phrase many times throughout my life but as I have gotten older it is really starting to make more sense to me.  Sometimes we meet people in life and maybe they enter our world for just a short time, but their purpose can be profound.  I briefly met a wonderful women on one of my trips and we have stayed in touch through phone calls and texts since our face to face meeting.  In a recent conversation she was able to open my eyes to information on a particular situation that I was not sure of and felt frustrated about.  Her words gave me confirmation on things that I had only been assuming until now.  After our phone conversation I realized the information she gave me I could have asked for months ago, but I also know that knowing that information months ago would have affected me in a very different way then than it did now.  I do believe that often people, places, things, ideas and information comes to us at just the right time. If the timing feels off to you ask yourself why because there really is a lesson or logical reason if you explore it deep enough and most of it has to do with our choices.

I have been healing from my break-up and through the process my emotions have been all over the place.  This recent conversation helped me understand some aspects of the relationship that I was not clear on because she had insight through a mutual friend of mine and my now ex.  Sometimes we receive information through the grapevine and it can seem like gossip and be hurtful and we want to lash out and react in a negative way, but I know in the moment I received this information that it was honest and necessary.  It helped me realize and make sense of some aspects of the relationship that I had been left questioning.  The timing was perfect in my recovery process and even though it wasn’t profound insight, it helped me have clarity in my process moving forward.  Sometimes the answers we seek cannot be seen because of our denial.  We paint pictures of what we want people and situations to be, but that is not always the reality.  Once we step away for a bit the full picture becomes more clear and we can begin to ask the right questions.

I started asking the right questions in my meditations and prayers and those answers have come to me at lightning speed because I no longer have the doubts, worries, fears or denial standing in my way.  We have to allow ourselves time in order to get into a place of allowing.  Our wants, desires, and dreams are already within our reach we just have to be ready to receive it and really believe it.  I have recently had other people come across my path through this process of change and heartache and quickly realized they are not people I want to revisit.  This often happens when we are struggling and in a negative place, we attract others who are struggling and in a negative place and if we are not careful it can cause us to lose focus of our true desires and goals.  The law of attraction attracts people on your wavelength and sometimes that wavelength is not always good; knowing and understanding this fact is important. Attracting people who want to drink heavily and party all the time or married men who want to have long deep conversations outside their marriage are not people I want to attract into my world, of that I am clear.  So when these two things occurred I quickly realized I needed to re-adjust my focus and get on the right wavelength.

Timing has more to do with us than we often realize.  The timing is a choice within ourselves to be strong enough to work through the bullshit and really ask ourselves what kind of lives we want to live and what kind of people we want to be and what kind of people and situations we want to surround ourselves with.  You do not have to be judgmental in your process, just make it clear that your positive choices, standards, morals, values and character are no longer up for debate.  Once you become clear on the these things the universe will naturally start moving in accordance to your beliefs and behavior.  Then, the timing of the universe will shoot the right people, places, things, situations and information to you at lightning speed and the others will gradually start to fade out.  If you waiver on what you want then the desire will never come; your actions, words and beliefs must be in alignment for the timing to happen.  You must decide and commit before you can succeed.  I have had this happening to me in the last week in a big way.  You wonder why timing is off and you never seem to get the life you want? Are you making room in your life for the things you really want?  Are you walking the walk and talking the talk?

Timing is everything, but timing is ultimately still dependent on you.  The choices you make each day and the ability to keep your eye on the prize is the key.  Distractions will come along everyday and our moods can fluctuate.  Be self-aware and check-in with each new person, place and situation…even things, like books or events that cross your path.  All of these things can clue you in on what you are attracting and help you know if you need to re-adjust.  Timing is everything and when the time is right and everything starts to fall into place it is because you have mastered the art of allowing.

With love, health, happiness and good timing,






Believe It & Receive It.

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Law of attraction is something either you believe in or roll your eyes at…but much like gravity, it doesn’t matter if you believe or not because it is still constantly at work.  I have had a long and slow process with getting to know, understand and fully appreciate the law of attraction.  I would have to say at this point, my ability to manifest my desires is becoming much more streamlined.  I used to feel all over the place when trying to attract my desires and the problem with that whole sentence is the word “trying”.  Manifesting what we want in life through the law of attraction should not involve effort of any kind.

I have encountered people who say law of attraction goes against God and its witchcraft or magical thinking, and to those naysayers I simply say…you need to study more because you obviously do not understand.  Without a doubt there is a God.  I do not believe all you beautiful people exist without purpose.  I could not be a good counselor if I didn’t believe in some higher power or meaning to life.  I have studied the Tao, Buddhist books, the Bible,  Rumi, Plato, Sacrates, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and many other great thinkers, writers, speakers, philosophers,  and psychologists throughout history.  This mixture of information has allowed me to form my own thoughts, beliefs and opinions on life, but it all really comes back to allowing, acceptance, joy and most importantly… love.

When you desire something you must understand it is already yours and believe it without doubt.  Basically, you have to believe it to receive it.  If you are feeling doubt and can’t shake it then you need to think about something else that you have no doubt about.  It can be anything you are sure of…like the love of your dog.  Look at your dog and see him or her look at you with those big loving eyes wagging that tail that makes their whole body sway and feel the full joy in your heart of knowing without a doubt that fur baby loves you and stay in that moment as long as you can.  Find things like that all day long that keep you feeling the consistent love and joy to your core.  The more you stay in that place of love the more you remain in the place of receiving, or what I like to call manifesting and some of you who listen to Abraham Hicks know as the vortex.

Recently I have really taken my ability to focus on the positive and get into the vortex to a whole new level and the results have been amazing.  I struggle some days more than others but, like anything, the more you practice the better you get.  I highly recommend if you are new to the idea of the law of attraction and manifesting that you listen to some free YouTube videos of Abraham Hicks, or watch The Secret on Netflix.  I also love the audio book The Power when I feel the need to reset my mind in a positive direction and there is a free movie called The Shift with Dr. Wayne Dyer that really opens your mind to a more positive way of thinking.

Another great way to really bring great things you desire into your life faster is to constantly give thanks to God for all you have, from the electricity and running water in your home to the ability to see, taste, feel and touch with your body.  I say thank you hundreds of times a day.  Being grateful and counting your blessings brings more of what you are grateful for.  I highly encourage you to avoid thinking or talking about negative things you dislike or do not want in your life and avoid gossip as well because law of attraction does not just work to attract good things into your life, it can also attract the bad.  What we think, feel, and say most is what we will continue to have in our lives.  How we treat others and speak to others also comes back to us in life so treat others how you want to be treated.  The law of attraction is always at work.

With love, happiness, health and positive thoughts coming your way,




The Power of Positive

I have been practicing the art of positive thinking in my life for many years now.  Whenever I feel negativity coming in to my thoughts I try to re-route myself to a more positive mind set.  Some days this is easier said than done.  I have made a conscious effort in a recent situation and even though I found myself confiding to a few friends and family I always tried to end my conversation about the situation on a positive note.  I would try and put myself in the other persons shoes and be more understanding and less confrontational.  This approach really seemed to pay off and my desires that I meditated upon are coming true for this particular situation.  This moment of truth was very needed for me.

I had begun to feel this sense of doubt in my methods.  Like maybe by always keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself and choosing to say nothing in return to the rude person in my life that I was allowing this person to walk on me.  I started to wonder if maybe it was possible that I was simply being too nice.  My efforts to be the bigger person and not let this person get to me was starting to weigh on me and I chose to just not put myself around them and just pray on the situation.  I knew that there were certain things that needed to happen in order for this situation to take a turn in my favor.  I ignored those fleeting doubtful thoughts and pushed on through with my positive attitude and it has started to turn the situation pretty quickly.  So quickly in fact that I not only started to feel more hopeful about this situation but I also received the confirmation that I needed to know that my process was working.

One of the main rules in the law of attraction is to focus on the things you want in life, not the things you don’t want.  It is easy to dwell on the extra weight you have gained or the extra debt but how often do you really focus on the good in your world?  Maybe you gained ten or fifteen extra pounds because you have been spending more time sitting down and eating with the family instead of always being on the run.  Maybe you have more debt from hospital bills for a procedure that saved a love ones life.  There is always a way to spin what seems like a negative in to a positive.  Once you are able to take a different perspective on each situation you will begin to become more appreciative for everything in life.  When we are thankful and focus on the positives the law of attraction will respond by giving us more of what we are thankful for and more of the positive that we focus on.

If you are struggling to find something in your life to be grateful about then go simple…be thankful for a roof over your head or clean water to drink.  Being more aware of your thoughts and catching yourself when your mind starts to drift to a negative place is a practice.  I have found that my ability to do this has become better with my meditation and yoga practices.  Sitting in silence in the morning focusing on my day and how I would like for it to go and beginning my day listing a few things that I am thankful for has completely changed my life.  Your mind will try to relive conversations or situations that have frustrated you and by reliving that frustration in your mind and going over what you wish you would have said or done differently you are only attracting more of those types of situations into your life.  Find the positive in those moments by learning from them and doing better in the future instead of reliving the past.


Yours in Happiness, Health and Positive Vibes,