Take Responsibility in Your Relationships

Image result for focus on the positive in othersDo you look for challenge in your life?  Do you look for ways to re-evaluate and challenge yourself to grow and learn?  Do you look to keep the spark in your relationships with new and creative conversations, experiences, or maybe even by opening up and sharing parts of yourself that you haven’t before to see where it takes you? Sometimes we expect others to create the magic and blame them later when a relationship fails or we get bored.

In a review of self we should realize others do not have responsibility in how we feel, not even in a romantic relationship.  So, if you are complaining about another individual not meeting your needs you should first look within.  If you find yourself unchallenged or unsatisfied in certain areas of a relationship or even life in general, have you made effort for change?  Relationships should not be one sided.  It is not up to another individual to constantly challenge, entertain, or romance you.  The true growth, spark or chemistry in a relationship comes when both people communicate and work together to create it.  That is why it is called a partnership!

The quickest way to extinguish a romantic spark is to stop communicating and stop physical touch.  If you are not talking or touching your closing yourself off from growth in your relationship.  If you are talking negatively to others about your partner, even if your partner does not know the words being said, it can be felt and the relationship will suffer.  When you feel anger, disappointment, or even just indifference in a relationship it is up to you to create change, do not wait on the other person.  Making a vow to only speak good things over your relationship and partner is a great place to start.  If you are upset, journal it, pray about it, see your counselor (everyone should have one), meditate on it, or hey…maybe just communicate it to your partner, but don’t give any negativity in your relationship or life power by talking about it at length to friends and family.

Your life will be better in every aspect if you think positive, speak positive and believe positive because when all of those are in alignment then you will only attract positive experiences and people.  As we move forward in this month of Thanksgiving please remember to have an attitude of gratitude and don’t take your relationships for granted.  With family and friends coming together over beautiful meals it should be a time of love and togetherness. Really take time this month to reflect and take responsibility for how you are speaking over the relationships and people in your life.

With love, health and happiness,



One thought on “Take Responsibility in Your Relationships

  1. I completely agree. Not speakly bad about partner is important. And I love that you say everyone needs a counselor. We really all need someone who we can share with and from whom we will receive feedback with an open mind.

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