Water Seeks Its Own Level

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Water seeks its own level…if you have never heard this phrase it may be a bit eye opening to you, especially when describing your romantic relationships.  Basically, it means that we attract others who have similar issues to ourselves.  It can also mean we attract people on the same path, with similar goals, similar drive and similar core values and morals.  The truth is whatever vibe you are putting out in the world is what you will attract in both situations and people.  Sometimes this can be unconscious if you don’t really know what your issues might be.  Ever wonder why you keep getting in the same relationships with different people?  Look at these people and ask yourself what issues they have that really stand out to you.  This can often be hard to admit but often their issues and struggles are similar to yours and that is why you have attracted them into your life.

In review of my recent relationship I can find both the good in him and the bad that I have probably attracted without fully realizing it.  Instead of feeling bad about it I have chose to use this as a learning experience of what I may need to work on within myself.  My ultimate goal is to raise my own level and in the process, steadily raise the standard or quality of people I attract into my life.  This also makes me laugh when I hear people talk about their crazy, jealous or insecure ex because often those descriptions that pop out at us most, well there is a reason they are popping out.

If we are self-aware and pay close enough attention, the world is constantly putting signs, signals and learning experiences right in front of our faces.  The goal is to grab those learning moments and really apply them to our lives so we can stop repeating the bad cycles in our lives and jump on the high flying wave more often.  It is easy to point fingers and blame others for our bad day or a bad relationship but the truth is we all need to look within ourselves more often and ask, what can we be doing better?  What are we attracting in our lives that we want more of?  What people in our lives inspire us to be better versions ourselves? Focus on those more and give less energy to those who leave you feeling drained and feeling bad about yourself.  Where you put your focus is where your path will lead you.  Keep your eye on the prize and your water level will rise!

With love, health and happiness,


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