You Are Not Smarter Than Everyone Else

I have been observing a certain characteristic that seems to jumping out at me lately.  In the process of noticing it in others it has made me very self aware and alert to whether or not it comes from me as well.  I have noticed this seemingly very small twist in perspective may be more associated with the young and immature, but it really jumps out at me when I see it in more mature adults.  Two specific individuals come to mind but they are extreme cases. I think there may be a degree of it in all of us that we need to be more conscious of.  At first I had trouble deciding how to explain it but here it goes…

When discussing certain aspects in life we may come across conversations where we are debating politics, religion or maybe just the motivation or point of a particular movie.  In my personal experience it was a christian based movie on abortion.  So instantly when you hear a christian based movie based on abortion what is the immediate thought that comes to your mind?  As an adult, most likely you understand the point of view that will be taken in the movie and you know when you decide to watch this movie that you may need to filter through the information given.  In this process you apply your own personal views, knowledge and experience on the subject and come to your own opinion. That is why some movies are rated, because the rated R movies (like this particular one), can be viewed with a parent or adult and discussed afterwards.

I watched 13 Reasons Why with my daughter because we recently had a friend take his own life.  I was able to answer questions and discuss all kinds of things that my daughter would not have considered or understood because of her age and lack of life experience.  However, when discussing movies like these, or other topics, with other adults I sometimes get this feedback that it is assumed not everyone is able to filter through and process things the way they do.  They come off like other people are lacking in common sense or knowledge and unable to see that a christian based movie on abortion is going to lean a certain direction.  Well of course it is!   I trust that most adults in life understand this and are still able to watch the movie and take something away from it.  If a person only ever watches movies that completely fit their beliefs or only ever have conversations from a perspective that everyone else is clueless and unable to rationalize or be logical, then what does that say about them?

Now, I understand that there are adults out there in the world who may watch a movie based on true events or watch a news report on television and believe every aspect of it without question, but I do not believe this is the norm.  I have faith in the human race, I have faith that most individuals understand there is often going to be bias and undertones that we must filter through in order to make healthy and wise decisions for ourselves.  So, if you are going through life believing that you have all kinds of things figured out and that everyone else is in the dark please know this is probably not true in most cases.  If you are a self-help coach, counselor, motivational speaker, weight loss coach, a teacher, professor or any other of the many professionals who teach, guide and motivate individuals to see the world in a new perspective then you most likely already know that often those individuals end up teaching you just as much as you teach them.  Give people the benefit of the doubt and understand that maybe they see things just as clearly as you do, (maybe more so) and sometimes still do not agree with your perspective.  At that point maybe you could take pause and ask yourself what you can learn because the truth is, you are not smarter than everyone else.

With health, happiness, love and understanding,



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