Our journey in this great big world should be full of experiences that consist of fun, adventure, struggle, happiness, sadness and through it all we should constantly be asking ourselves what we have learned from each of those experiences.  Every relationship, no matter how short, and every opportunity, no matter how small, is a chance to learn and grow.  I embrace each moment that scares or worries me because at 40-years-old, I realize that those are the things that will probably offer me the most opportunity for growth.

I love to read books, magazine articles, blogs, listen to podcast, listen to audio books, TED talks…basically whatever I can get my hands, ears or eyes on to consume some knowledge and become a little more informed and wiser each day.  When I consume some information that I feel is really speaking to me that is when I like to share it with you, my small little group of readers who get a peak into my soul searching lessons on life.  Today I share with you a best selling book called Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis.  It really touched on a lot of areas that I personally feel inspired to write about in my journey as well.  I think of her as a bit of a soul-sister in her values and experiences in life because her book and her words seriously speak to me on a deeper level.

I find it important to surround yourself with individuals who can motivate you to constantly strive to be a better version of yourself and these people can surround you through media as well.  I read blogs and can feel a connection with people half-way across the planet because they may be experiencing or thinking about the very same issues that are affecting me.  This connection through media today is often looked upon as a bad thing, but I can also see how beautiful it can be when used in a positive way.  Speak your mind, share your thoughts and welcome others thoughts and opinions knowing that every comment, questions and share is an opportunity for growth.  I love hearing about great books, podcasts and blogs that inspire and motivate so please share any and all!

Lets all learn together and from one another because we are all in this big beautiful life together!

With love, laughter and endless learning


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