The important job of R&R

Ever feel like you have been on hyper-speed for too long and you just need to slow things down?  You have work, school, then nights out for special events, functions with friends and family and finally, you hit a wall where you realize you haven’t had one real moment to yourself in a while?  I need my moments of rest and relaxation like I need water, food and air.  I can feel myself hitting the tipping point this week.  I believe getting  a little R&R is like investing in yourself.  It is just as important as the financial investment we make into our retirement fund.  If we don’t take the steps necessary to care for ourselves now, then we will have more of a mess later.

When it comes to getting some down time for myself I love the idea of staying in comfortable clothes all day and not leaving my house.  Occasionally a vacation is nice but I honestly feel there is a lot of work involved when it comes to packing and planning a vacation and then returning to more work.  I don’t want more work, I want to sleep in and then sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on my front porch or back deck.  I want to water my plants and pet my dog and cats.  I want cook a really good meal and drink a glass of wine.  I want to watch Ozark on Netflix and then take a bubble bath.  I want to get in bed early and read a good book until I fall asleep.  What is your idea of a day of R&R?

If we do not take time to recharge our batteries then it can lead to weight gain, mental and physical fatigue, mental fog, forgetfulness, mood swings, bad skin, and a weakened immune system.  Taking a full day is not really necessary to keep yourself feeling good, you can schedule an evening walk, or a massage after work.  Finding little moments for yourself throughout your work week is a great way to keep yourself balanced and energized.  I could go in to the importance of investing in yourself in other ways, such as diet and exercise, but really giving yourself some time to slow down is equally important.

As a single mom, in school, and working two jobs, I need my R&R for my sanity.  I don’t get a full day to do exactly what I want to do very often.  So on my lunch breaks from work I will go to the park to eat lunch and read a book, sometimes it is a textbook, but it still puts me in an environment that feels peaceful.  Balancing productivity with enjoyment is really a win-win for me.  So my words of wisdom on this Funday Sunday is to enjoy life, rest and relax….it’s a smart investment.

With love, peace, and a little R&R





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