The Power of Positive

I have been practicing the art of positive thinking in my life for many years now.  Whenever I feel negativity coming in to my thoughts I try to re-route myself to a more positive mind set.  Some days this is easier said than done.  I have made a conscious effort in a recent situation and even though I found myself confiding to a few friends and family I always tried to end my conversation about the situation on a positive note.  I would try and put myself in the other persons shoes and be more understanding and less confrontational.  This approach really seemed to pay off and my desires that I meditated upon are coming true for this particular situation.  This moment of truth was very needed for me.

I had begun to feel this sense of doubt in my methods.  Like maybe by always keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself and choosing to say nothing in return to the rude person in my life that I was allowing this person to walk on me.  I started to wonder if maybe it was possible that I was simply being too nice.  My efforts to be the bigger person and not let this person get to me was starting to weigh on me and I chose to just not put myself around them and just pray on the situation.  I knew that there were certain things that needed to happen in order for this situation to take a turn in my favor.  I ignored those fleeting doubtful thoughts and pushed on through with my positive attitude and it has started to turn the situation pretty quickly.  So quickly in fact that I not only started to feel more hopeful about this situation but I also received the confirmation that I needed to know that my process was working.

One of the main rules in the law of attraction is to focus on the things you want in life, not the things you don’t want.  It is easy to dwell on the extra weight you have gained or the extra debt but how often do you really focus on the good in your world?  Maybe you gained ten or fifteen extra pounds because you have been spending more time sitting down and eating with the family instead of always being on the run.  Maybe you have more debt from hospital bills for a procedure that saved a love ones life.  There is always a way to spin what seems like a negative in to a positive.  Once you are able to take a different perspective on each situation you will begin to become more appreciative for everything in life.  When we are thankful and focus on the positives the law of attraction will respond by giving us more of what we are thankful for and more of the positive that we focus on.

If you are struggling to find something in your life to be grateful about then go simple…be thankful for a roof over your head or clean water to drink.  Being more aware of your thoughts and catching yourself when your mind starts to drift to a negative place is a practice.  I have found that my ability to do this has become better with my meditation and yoga practices.  Sitting in silence in the morning focusing on my day and how I would like for it to go and beginning my day listing a few things that I am thankful for has completely changed my life.  Your mind will try to relive conversations or situations that have frustrated you and by reliving that frustration in your mind and going over what you wish you would have said or done differently you are only attracting more of those types of situations into your life.  Find the positive in those moments by learning from them and doing better in the future instead of reliving the past.


Yours in Happiness, Health and Positive Vibes,


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